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Frequantly Asked Questions

What will we be using?  
Our massage will be given on a massage table brought by the therapist and towels will be used to cover you. For hygienic reasons clients use their own towels. Light grape seed oil will be used on your skin so that the hands will glide easily.

How to prepare the room and yourself for massage?
For your own comfort please make sure that the room where the massage will take place is kept warm and as quiet as possible-meaning that television is switched off as well as your mobile or house phone set on silence.  

How to book massage?
To book a massage call directly to the therapist and arrange your appointment, you will have to specify the place and leave your contact number. If you cannot reach the therapist on her mobile please leave her a message on voice mail. You can also send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What we will ask you?
At your initial treatment, you will be asked briefly about you medical history, lifestyle, and general state of health, including any current medication. This is very important information for us as it helps us to tailor our massage to your needs as well as giving us awareness of particular conditions. All information is confidential. If there are parts of your body where you would prefer not to be touched, tell the therapist.

Why is better to have a massage at home?
Firstly, in you own room you will feel safe and comfortable. You donít have to worry that you will get stuck in traffic and lose part of your treatment just because you are late, therefore you are already less stressed. Directly after the treatment you may feel sleepy and so relaxed that you donít want to do anything.  Being at home you are able to stay in this relaxed state instead of having to worry about transport.


Are there any side-effects?
Massage treatments in general are very safe when practiced by a trained therapist. During massage you can experience slight drowsiness owing to relaxation. Occasionally when strong pressure has been used there can be some tenderness the next day.


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