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How we work

The massage starts with the therapist gently placing their hands on your back and head for a few moments. From this connection, an aware therapist will gain information that will help them give you a treatment that is right for you. Then oil will be applied. The therapist will ask for feedback, such as, ‘How is the pressure? Is it too light or too strong?’ Be honest with your answer and let therapist know if the pressure isn’t right any time during the treatment.

It’s not necessary to chat during a session, and you are more likely to benefit if you can quietly focus on your breathing and bodily sensations. Sometimes the therapist will touch an area that feels sore, but also feels as if it needs to be held or pressed. This is sometimes called ‘nice pain’, or ‘good pain’. Always before you get up, take time to notice how you are feeling and then get up slowly.


Our massage belongs to therapeutic massages and is used to locate areas of stiffness, pain or tension and the various techniques involving pressure and stretches of the tissues to improve circulation and release tension. Through our massage we aim to balance the energy and stimulate the functioning of the body.


Massage should be comfortable and relaxing. If it is too painful, or you're not happy with the way that touch is being applied, tell your therapist.


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